• Our ambition has been to make the most accurate and reliable large format document scanner in the world.

    Our Senior Engineers began working on this goal in the early 80’s and have been successfully fulfilling this ambition for many years. This has been proven by our clients, the most demanding aero-, publishing, and mapping industry customers in business.

    We have the IPRs of all products and have developed:

    • the mechanical design
    • the design of the scanner control unit
    • the core electronic components of the scanner control
    • the software running the scanner/micro code
    • the user interface software modules of the scanner
    • calibration techniques to secure the best accuracy
    • post-processing software

    In order to achieve the best accuracy, we have learned that the design must be robust, and made by top quality components. We apply heavy duty material, no plastic in the construction. – Some call it over-dimension, we call it necessary and sufficient to achieve our ambition and satisfy the most demanding customers.

  • FB5_frame
    FB 5 CAD model


    FBscanners’ Scanner Control Unit

  • VLS_frame
    VLS CAD model


    FBscanners’ control board