With this program you can improve the quality of a scanned raster image. Prime takes a TIFF image as input, performs image processing functions and produces a new and improved image. Prime can handle large images (more than 10.000 x 10.000 +) pixels.

Prime contains a series of image processing functions. Each function has a set of user defined parameters. The functions are specially suited to extract information from the scanned image, but may also be applicable for image improvements. Prime is a tool to compose a sequence of image processing functions. This sequence may be saved and applied to process a large number of images.

Prime features:


  • Raster image with formats (tiff, png, xpm, xbm, pcx, jpg, etc)
  • Raster image may be binary, grey tone or color images
  • Production line for batch processing


  • Image processing functions (operators)
    • Color handling
      • Color separation: interactive multiple color samples, similarity adjustments, multiple colors extraction
      • Contrast stretch: for grey tone images
      • Color stretch
      • Color mask
      • Invert colors
      • Color reduction: reduce a RGB image to a palette image (1-23 bits)
    • Binarization
      • Local threshold: convert color and grey tone image to binary image, tolerates large variance of color/ grey tone intensities in different areas
      • Threshold: convert color and grey tone image to binary image, same intensity overall
      • RGB match (binary image from a color)
    • Noise reduction
      • Remove pepper: removes small black areas (“dirt”) in binary images
      • Remove salt: removes small white areas (“spots”) in binary images
      • Rank filter: median, max and min filters in local area
      • Anisotropic smoothing: intelligent smoothing filter (for smoothing ditering)
      • Erode: remove pixels around black areas in binary images
      • Dilate: add pixels around black areas in binary images
    • Transformations
      • Scale: uniform scaling of image
      • Resample: change the resolution of the entire image (DPI)
      • Rotate: uniform rotation of image
      • Vertical, horizontal flip
      • Crop: select a part of an image
      • Stripecut (for scanning inspection)
    • Interactive environment
      • Open/save raster file, different output format options available
      • Image shown in main graphic window and in user defined preview windows
      • Compose a chain of operators and set parameters for each operator individually
      • Test run the operator chain and view result in preview windows, Run step-by-step to optimize parameter settings
      • Save and open an operator chain. Saved chain may be used for batch processing
    • Batch processing: Process multiple images in batch using a composed operator chain


  • Processed image (formats: tiff, png, xpm, xbm, pcx, jpg, etc)
  • Operator chain for batch processing

Platform requirements:

  • MS Windows/XP and upwards, LINUX Enterprise
  • standard PC with sufficient RAM